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Got a question? With more than 210,000 members, the Joomla! Discussion Forums at forum.joomla.org are a great resource for both new and experienced users. Ask your toughest questions the community is waiting to see what you'll do with your Joomla! site.

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If you think working with Joomla is fun, wait until you start working on it. We're passionate about helping Joomla users become contributors. There are many ways you can help Joomla's development:

  • Submit news about Joomla. We syndicate Joomla-related news on JoomlaConnectTM. If you have Joomla news that you would like to share with the community, find out how to get connected here.
  • Report bugs and request features in our trackers. Please read Reporting Bugs, for details on how we like our bug reports served up
  • Submit patches for new and/or fixed behaviour. Please read Submitting Patches, for details on how to submit a patch.
  • Join the developer forums and share your ideas for how to improve Joomla. We're always open to suggestions, although we're likely to be sceptical of large-scale suggestions without some code to back it up.
  • Join any of the Joomla Working Groups and bring your personal expertise to the Joomla community. 

These are just a few ways you can contribute. See Contribute to Joomla for many more ways.

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